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Membership is a unique opportunity for schools, academies, and individual teams to gain access to resources, curricula, training, and discounts. Become a member to join the ethics olympiad community!

What's included?

Taking Notes


  • 15+ hours worth of class plans, as well as homework, lesson plans, and exercises.

  • Class introduces students to normative ethical theories as well as the Ethics Olympiad. 

  • Students alternate between learning theories and engaging in olympiads to apply the material they've learned.

  • New courses added every year.

Youth Club Meeting


  • Four seminars each year, hosted by philosophers, on issues in applied, normative, and meta-ethics.

  • Two members-only intramural competitions with professional judging and feedback.

  • Access to a portal you can use to organize practice rounds with other schools

  • Access to the MPI members discord server.

Online Sale


Members will enjoy a 20% discount on tournament registration, training, and classes for the entirety of the Olympiad Season.


For a limited time only, access all member benefits for only $399 CAD. 

Membership lasts from Sept. 1st - August 31st the following year.

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