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Global Middle School Olympiad on November 30th 2024!

The new Global Middle School Olympiad will be held on November 30th, at 4pm-10 EST! This tournament is open to students from any team around the world, in any configuration, aged between 11 and 14!*

*The top two school based North American teams can qualify for  the International Olympiad Final through this tournament. However, If you are a school teacher or administrator outside of the US or Canada, you should sign up your students for the Australian based tournament at If you are a Canadian or American School based team, or a team not representing a school at all, you are welcome to this Global Competition! 

Pupils during break

2024-2025  Ethics Olympiads

The Ethics Olympiad is an ethics based public speaking competition for middle and high schoolers which encourages nuanced thinking and respectful dialogue

Classes and Tutoring 

Learn Philosophy and Prepare for Olympiads with our professional teachers

Female Teacher and Student

Calvin Xu, Winner of the Inaugural Pan Am Olympiad.

Undergraduate student at Northwestern University, currently studying Political Science and Philosophy

“Improving my writing and analytic skills, as well as my competition success at the International Olympiad not only demonstrated skills that university admissions boards were looking for but also had lasting effects beyond that. What I learned about ethics became the basic frame for how I think about and see the world, (and even now I see ethics as first philosophy). And of all the crucial skills the ethics olympiad taught me which would be widely applicable across the liberal arts, perhaps the most important one was how to take others seriously and charitably, treating those who disagreed not as adversaries but intellectual peers working together towards finding the right answer in a complicated world.”
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