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What is an Ethics Olympiad?

An Ethics Olympiad is an educational event where students compete in teams to analyze and discuss ethical issues. This intellectual competition emphasizes critical thinking, logical reasoning, and articulate communication. Participants from various schools are presented with complex moral dilemmas, and are evaluated based on their ability to engage in thoughtful, respectful, and profound ethical discourse. The aim is to cultivate ethical understanding, foster empathetic engagement, and promote moral decision-making skills.

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2024 PanAm Ethics Olympiads

Registration Now Open

We are excited to be hosting three pan American tournaments in the 2024 season, open to teams from the United States and Canada. Check out details about registration fees, team formations, deadlines, and more.


Join the Ethics Olympiad Community

Members will have exclusive access to teaching resources, training days, intramural olympiads, and registration discounts.

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International Ethics Olympiad

Ethics on a Global Stage

The two winners of the 2024 PanAm Olympiad Finals will have the opportunity to compete in this unique global event and connect with students from all over the world.

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