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Intramural Olympiads (Members Only) 

January 20th, 7pm EST

February 24th,  7pm EST


October 18th, 8pm EST (Completed) 

  • Intro to Olympiad with Zach and Archie

December 13th, 8pm EST (Members Only)

  • Topic and Speaker TBD

February 21st, 8pm EST

  • Socrates and the Good Life for Human Beings with Dr. Mark Reuter

  • Download Outline

April 17th, 8pm EST (Members Only)

  • Topic and Speaker TBD

PanAm Olympiads

Western Olympiad: Sunday, March 10, 4pm-9pm PST

Eastern Olympiad: Saturday, March 30, 8am-1pm EST
Finals: April 14, 12pm-6pm EST

International Olympiad

July 23-24

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